Going Ashore

NOTE:  In all ports in Bahrain both Passport & Seamen's Book are necessary.

If your Passport and Seaman's Certificate 
are from the same country, there is 
NO immigration fee.
If your Passport and Seaman's Certificate 
are from different countries, an 
immigration  fee must be paid.

TOWN CENTRE: Is about 8 kms from MINA SULMAN, 20 kms from ASRY DRYDOCK, ALBA ALUMINIUM JETTY OR BAPCO OIL TERMINAL. Taxis are easily available at the gate. 

TAXIS: Meters are compulsory on taxis, and you only need pay according to the meter reading. The Minimum fare is 800 fils. After 10.pm., fares are subject to a 50 per cent surcharge. When going to the town Centre ask for the 'BAB AL BAHRAIN'.  
agree your fare BEFORE hiring. 

MONEY: The local currency is the Bahrain Dinar (BD). The Dinar is made up of 1000 'fils' and coins are denominated in 500, 100, 50, 25, 10 & 5 fils. (US $1 = 0.375fils).  
The best place to exchange currency is at one of the many moneychangers in town. All give the correct rate. 
Dollars can be used for taxi rides and many shops accept them too. 

SHOPPING: The shops are open from 8:30am to 12:30pm and then from 3:30pm to 6:30pm Saturday to Thursday. Friday is the official rest day. However on Friday morning a few of the smaller shops are open until midday. 

RESTAURANTS: These are comparatively expensive in Bahrain. 
However, most Hotels do a value for money buffet (hot & cold food) and there are a variety of cheap street restaurants and takeaways. 

THE LAW: It is an offence to appear in public under the influence of alcohol.

DRIVING LICENCE: International driving licences are accepted only after confirmation from the Traffic and Licensing Directorate near Isa Town. Otherwise, you must hold a Bahrain driving licence in order to drive in Bahrain legally. 

Clothes: Lightweight clothing is suitable for May-October, medium weight for November-April. Sunglasses are necessary. 

A Sea Port
Duty Free Shop is situated in Mina Sulman port area close to the cargo berths and is open from 0800-18.30hrs. daily. 

General Information about BAHRAIN:
Head of State: His Majesty, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa
Capital: Manama, the main business Centre.
Area: 707 Km2 (total 33 Islands)
Location: East coast of Saudi Arabia at a latitude of 26North
Population: Over 643,000 
Currency: Bahrain Dinar 
Exchange Rate: US $1 = 0.375fils 
Local Time: GMT+3, No seasonal change of time 
Languages: Arabic (Official) & English (commercial)
Religion: Islam
Climate: May-Sept. - Hot & Humid. Oct-Apr - Mild & Cool.

Main Banks:  Citybank, Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait, National Bank of Bahrain, British Bank (HSBC), Standard Chartered Bank are open 0730-1200(Sat-Wed) and 0730-1100(Thursdays)

Money Exchange Dealers:  Bahrain Finance Co, Bahrain India International Exchange.

Visa Requirements:  Visas are required by all 

Shipping Agencies: Kanoo shipping, Gulf Agency, Inchcape shipping

Airport:  Bahrain International Airport - approximately 10 kms from the Manama city.

Hospitals:  The Government hospital is Salmaniya Medical Centre.
There are private hospitals on the Island:
American Mission Hospital (Tel. 17253447)
Awali Hospital (Tel. 17753300)
International Hospital (Tel 17591666)
Bahrain Defence Force Hospital (Tel. 17663366)
Salmaniya Medical Centre (Tel. 17255555) 

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